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Shanghai Chuangsi Youxiang Trading Co., Ltd.
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Main categories: Cloth Diaper, Diaper Insert, Wet Bag, Menstrual Pad, Nursing Pad
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1.When you get coupons?

If you order from 15th Dec 2018 to 31th Jan 2019,you will get 50% coupon of amounts.

2.When you use coupons?

You can use it from 1th Feb 2019 to 17 th Jan 2020, you will get 5% or 10%Alibaba trade assurancediscounts per order

3.Different payment methods have different discounts,right?


If you choose paypal,western union,bank transfer and so on,you will get 5% discount of coupon.

If you choose pay money on Alibaba,you will get 10% discount of coupon 

4.How to get a coupon?

If you place orders during 15th Dec 2018 to 31th Jan 2019,you will get a coupon,it is half of all your order amounts.


First order :1000usd

Second order : 2000usd

Third order :5000usd

Total : 1000usd + 2000usd + 5000usd =8000usd.

Get coupons : 8000*50%=4000usd

5.How to use a coupon?

If you place orders during 1th Feb 2019 to 17 th Jan 2020,you can use the coupon

For example:

The product value is 800usd.

The shipping costs is 200usd.

Discount : 800*5%=40usd, So you only pay for us : 800+200-40=960usd.

(Note:if you pay by Alibaba trade assurance,the discount is 800*10%=80usd, So you only pay for us : 800+200-80=920usd.)

6.Does the discount of the coupon include shipping costs?

No,it doesn’t many times you can use coupons?

There is no limit to the amount and times until you use up the coupon .

8.Could i use coupons from 2018-12-15 to 2019-01-31 ?

No, you couldn’t

All the coupons are only available during 1th Feb 2019 to 17 th Jan 2020.

9.What is the range of coupon?

All the coupons just suit for the stock orders.not including the custom and promotion products.

10.What is the limit of order’s amounts ?

There is no limited.


Thank you very much for your supports to Ananbaby. We have been devoted to providing customers with the best service and the competitive price.

In 2019,we will continue to develop more prints and styles. If you have any problems with the quality of diaper, we will send you a replacement for free,or a refund.